About Us

Safari Experience is operated by Adventureshop which was founded in the year 2000. We are based in Stellenbosch, the heart of the Cape Winelands in South Africa. Due to our location, we started our own tours in the winelands and broadened the scope of our business consistently throughout the years to  include multi day private tours in the Western Cape and further afield

Visitors should experience our beautiful country and not just see it through a car window. We therefore focus on activity based itineraries. Safari Experience has the capacity to build these products and activities into personalised private tour packages that will meet every need of our customers. We always strife to be a company that respects our employees, clients and environment and continually work to develop and better the way we do business to stay a sustainable company with high values and ethics that delivers great service to our clients.




Our Market


The market for Safari Experience is the overseas traveler coming to Africa in search of an Adventure aspect attached to their holiday. Our market consists of predominantly European and American travelers visiting South Africa (80% of our overall business is form EU and USA) . Safari Experience has the skills and products to expose the traveler to South Africa, and diminish fears of travelling in South Africa. With personal, expert advice we can supply tours and activities to suit the client’s needs and requests. In doing so we ensure that all organisation is completed to such an extent that the traveler’s feel prepared and ready to travel to Africa.